Pestel Analysis

PESTEL analysis

Political factors: Political area has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses. It includes government regulations and legal issues under which businesses should operate. As the company offer services for people it is necessary to comply with the norms and legislations with humas rights. The company claims to have good quality of hotels, that to their clients is going to be offered perfect service. The comply with all the necessary norms and European Union regulations. They are also registred as a travel agency under the number. Hotel industry as well as tourism industry has a basic backbone of thegovernment support without which it won’t be able to sustain thecompetitive world. Government charges huge amount of tax from the starand luxury category of hotels and thus has a huge impact with thepolitical changes that occur. Any small step taken by the government bychanging some law it would seriously affect hotel industry. The hotel industry is getting huge incentives and the state governments aresupporting the development of the hotels and their growth. This infactanswers the question how are Indian Hotels are planning to expand in theeconomic crunch time.

Economic factors: Slovakia is country with quite well economie and is very good at attracting foreign direct investment into the countries. However globalisation of travel companies has meant that many countries can provide services that they could not before do to cultural knowledge. With companies being global there are also economies of scale to be gained. Vertical and horizontal integration makes the company very competitive and provide services across all holidaying experiences.

Social and cultural factors: Changes in social trends can impact on the demand for a firm's products and the availability and willingness of individuals to work.

Technological factors: The rapid development of technology is affecting the businesses in UK and all over the world. Changes in the...