Persuasive Essay

Informative speech - Outline

I. Introduction
  * Attention getter — Have you ever said “bless you” to a person who has just sneezed thinking that it will bring her/him good luck? Or have you ever crossed your fingers as a sign of hopefulness? If not, you may for sure know someone who already did. these sentenses are well spread and known buy almost everyone, but do you know their origins and hidden meanings?
  *   Announce the topic — As you may have guessed, I will talk today about superstition, and more precisely about three of the most well known superstition facts, namely a black cat crossing your path, knocking on wood, and an itching palm; as well as the context in which they first came, and how it can change from a region to another.
  *   Relevance of the topic — The topic of superstition is important because it is a phenomenon that can be witnessed all around the world. Many people believe in superstition facts and happenings regardless of their culture, their social sphere, and their education. And even those who don't believe in it find themselves affected by their surroundings' believes.
  *   Credibility — I see in my daily life that people around me believe in superstition happenings and I happen to believe in some of them. What triggered my attention is that I use this type of sentences without knowing their origins and true meanings. So I decided to dig further and clear the ambiguities concerning this topic.
  *   Preview — This presentation will discuss the three most spread superstition facts around the world:
      * When a black cat crosses your path, bad luck will fall on you.
      * To prevent form the devil eye one should knock three times on a piece of wood.
      * An itching palm is a sign of money that you will get in the coming days.
Let us explore them one by one and investigate their meanings.
II. Body
  *   When a black cat crosses your path bad luck will fall on you:
      * Origins: within the “shedding light on...