Persuasive Essay

Vegetarians, the time is now!
There are many reasons to choose a Vegetarian diet, did you know that both Charles Darwin and Leonardo DeVinci were both vegetarians. Maybe they were concerned about animal cruelty, religious reasons, the savings associated with a no meat diet, and of course environmental factors. These are all good reasons, but with today’s emphasis on health, I think the best reason to choose a vegetarian diet is the healthier quality life, such as more energy, an optimistic attitude along with being less prone to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, that a vegetarian diet promises.
Vegetarianism, is a lifestyle that has been at odds in our society, a population that places such high esteem on meat, has difficulty making a change requiring the abstinence of animal protein. Today, however; vegetarians are found amongst celebrities, Demi Moore, Tobey Maguire and Jason Mraz, are a few whom have given attention to the healthy, youthful benefits the life style offers and are creating a   rising interest in what is becoming a vegetarian culture.
Web MD describes the vegetarian, in a general sense, as a person who doesn’t eat meat. This is however, a general description, as vegetarians practice the life style in a variety of ways and to varying degrees. The Lacto vegetarian diet adds dairy to the otherwise all vegetable diet.   The lacto – Ovo vegetarian includes dairy and egg whites to their vegetable diet, while vegans eat only vegetables, abstaining from any food product that has a face or comes from something with a face, this would include honey.
Still others consider themselves, semi vegetarians; the majority of their diet is vegetarian but may add meat, fish, dairy and eggs, sparingly to their all vegetable diet.
The Center for Disease control states it this way, “the simplest way to be well, is to eat well.”   They encourage a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which can maintain a healthy weight, as well as help reduce the risk of...