Persuasive Essay

There are many skills, people have and don’t have. Correct Communication is a skill everyone can benefit from. As of listening versus just hearing someone and using correct grammar, not Slang. Using the proper communication and listening skills, can get you farther in life than not listening and not talking properly.

    There is a difference between listening and hearing, because not a lot of people think they mean different things, they are more to think that they are the same thing. But where I come from we listen we don’t hear. For a lot of people, the ability to listen has become almost become a lost concept. We live in a society today were it seems like everyone wants you to listen to them, but few want to listen. When you listen to someone you are taking into account that you know what they are talking about and you can give them proper feedback, and actually work problems out with them.
      I think that listening is a very important skill to having. Also using proper grammar is very beneficial in life. Using words like “Dude” and not having correct spelling, will show that you are either uneducated or that you just don’t really care about your life. Having correct grammar can also have a less chance of someone miss interpreting what you are trying to say to get your ideas out or your point across. Also, being a great communicator will make you an excellent business partner, employee, and even a great parent when the time comes.

    Not having these skills won’t get you as far in life as you may want it to. Imagine if you were at an interview for a well paying job, and you used slang along with just hearing their questions and hearing what their expectations are of you. Then you most likely wouldn’t get the job with the slang, and if you did get the job you would more likely not have a clue what to do, because you didn’t listen.

    Having a skill like this is something that everyone should have, no matter where you come from. This is a...