Identifying Learning and Personality Styles:

The three learning styles are:
1. The Visual Learner
2. The Verbal Learner
3. The Logical Learner
The Visual Learner: learns by manipulating images, forming objects accurately, and by graphics. They communicate by using charts, drawing maps, and recognize relationships between objects   A visual learner likes to use color to organize.   This is the way that a visual learner collaborates with the team members.
The Verbal Learner:   likes to read, write, and speak of subjects important to them. They learn well by listening, class participation, they can express themselves very well, and remember easily. A verbal learner also likes to teach others, debate, and he or she highlights no more than 10% of their notes. This is the method used by a verbal learner to collaborate with his or her team.
The Logical Learner: recognizes patterns easily, perform complex calculations, tend to be organized, follow deadlines, and prefer to work independently. Logical learners can also explain material sequentially to others, writes outlines, and can analyze information.   With this kind of collaboration a logical learner can hinder or bring the team closer to achieving his or her goal.
The three personality types identified are:
1. The Thinker
2. The Organizer
3. The Giver
The Thinker: learns through problem- solving, likes to find time independently to reflect on new information, finds new ways to approach issues, converts materials into logical graphs, minimizes repetitive tasks, and looks for opportunities to work independently.
The Organizer: Tries to have tasks defined clearly in concrete terms to know the text requirements, looks for a well-structured stable environment, uses a planner to schedule tasks, and dates. Requests...