Personal Team Development

Throughout this part of the module, we were required to get into small groups and produce a presentation to perform in front of the class, the topic which we were aksed to cover was that of Team Motivation. To ensure that we all participated and contributed to the overall presentation, we all chose one of the different theorist of motivation.

The first theorist which was looked at was that of McGregor and his X and Y theory, he basically had two assumptions that managers have about their employees, for example his X theory was states that most people dislike work, and that they need to be punished, threatened and controlled for work to be achieves successfully.

According to Kotler and et al (2008)-(Pg-333),“Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analyse and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing on organisation.”
Overall we did this to ensure that we knew what kind of markets we were going to aim our products at and what other competition we had. Once we had done this research we then planned to review the research and set a target segment, then once we found our segment allowed us to redesign and improve the product where needed.
Once we had completed this part of the plan we then decided that we were going to set up the marketing and promotions, this is once again vital for the success of a business as it allows us to advertise the products to ensure that potential customers are aware of what products we were selling. We all felt that this is one of the most important aspects to ensure the business sells its units and makes a profit.
Once we had all the above in place, the next step we wanted to take was moving to larger premises as well as hiring other members of staff, as if we are distributing many units, we would need a bigger premises and more employees to build them. The reason for this is to ensure we have enough space and help to keep up with orders, to ensure they can be distributed when and where...