Personal Statment

For some time now I have dreamt of becoming a consultant or working in an actuarial capacity, where I can provide support and advice to business with regard to reserves, pricing and capital requirement.
China is in the inevitable process of city development, and understanding how business operates, the possible impacts of legislation and how the current economics may affect future values become the major concerns to the firms when the financial decisions need to be made. An interesting aspect of this is how to apply the statistical techniques and use the latest financial concepts to analyze the past and model the future.
Motivated by this, I undertook an internship in the accounting and finance department of a local firm in China. By working as a member of the financial analysis team, I developed a genuine passion for finance and investment. I am therefore determined to gain as much knowledge of this industry as possible. It is for this reason that I wish to complete an MSc Banking & International Finance programme at Cass Business School, one of the famous institutions in the world. I believe that the strong analytical emphasis of this course can help me further reinforce valuable skills which are important for pursuing a career in the finance industry.
The program of MSc Banking & International Finance is an appealing course, because it offers a variety of interesting topics for study such as credit risk, which models the market price of risk, as well as portfolio management techniques for engaging in investment when the price of the derivatives are established. In addition to this, there is also a great opportunity to learn from other industry speakers who are from top businesses and academics institutions. This combination of a theoretical framework and practical experience is beneficial to every enthusiastic student who is fascinated by the field of finance.
As a student studying Business Management at University of East London, I devote myself fully to...