Personal Statement

|I am currently studying Health and Social Welfare at Bradford College. Studying The health and Welfare of people has broadened my social       |
|knowledge and motivated me into wanting to be a social worker. I  became interested in working as a social work professional when I was       |
|working as a health care   assistant where I understudied Social Workers as they were helping some of our clients. The outcome of these         |
|meetings has convinced me that my longed-for desire to be a social worker can be fulfilled by studying Social Work. In addition to this l have|
|also done some voluntary work befriending Elderly people at a community centre and working with people who had mental health problems giving   |
|them confidence to go back in the community and be socially included. I was also motivated when l worked with children at a nursery as my     |
|college placement where l understood the children’s social needs.                                                                             |
|I have helped different clientele groups in the health care industry, where l worked with people who had cancer doing palliative care,         |
|disabled clients, in nursing homes and clients who were blind and those with depression. My duties included; observation, writing care plans, |
|interacting with clients, escorting clients when they go for shopping, serving food and helping them with their personal care. Throughout this|
|time I have gained various caring skills working in a community setting, which have also enhanced my people skills and how I interact with     |
|others. I also had a genuine interest in all of my patient's quality of life and always aimed to give my best towards this.                   |
|As much as l understand, a person who is prepared to become a Social Worker needs to be a good listener, empathetic,   have very good           |
|interpersonal skills and very eager to learn and endeavour to improve him/herself.   The skill of an...