Personal Statement

My choice of degree courses stems from my interest in Chemistry. At Leaving Certificate level, I chose
to study Higher level Maths and Chemistry. My work in Construction involves
working on the plans of an urban area, surveying maps and doing an in-depth survey of a house
which provides a foundation for planning projects at degree level. In Technology I am
currently working on the design of a product to solve the problem of overcrowding in night
clubs. I find the topics involving aspects of Civil Engineering of great interest. I look
forward to the challenges of planning and designing bigger projects as part of my degree
course. I particular like the structure of the Engineering course; the planning of a project,
the design work and then moving on to making prototypes. I am very interested in the use of
Mathematics. The mathematical skills developed at 'A' Level will assist with the Engineering
degree course, particularly mechanics will help with Mechanical Engineering.

For my work experience, I went to an Architect's office. This enabled me to see the kind of
work which goes into designing and planning. I gained first-hand experience of design work
using computer software which is studied in the first year of both the Civil and Mechanical
Engineering degree courses. I shadowed the Architects as they met with their clients and
discussed plans for houses. This showed me the importance of good communication skills. On
site visits I worked with the Civil Engineer taking measurements and ensuring the levels were
appropriate for the building of a new office. I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and it
confirmed my decision to apply for my chosen courses in Engineering.

Within school, I try to make full use of facilities and take part in school life. I work in the school tuck shop every Thursday. This is a position of responsibility given to ten senior students. Through this work I have enhanced my ability to work as part of a...