Personal Resposibility

The Key to Personal Success - Personal Responsibility

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 – insulin dependent diabetes my whole world turned upside down. While medical teams were figuring out what my insulin regime would be, hospital staff members were teaching me how to properly inject insulin. I relied heavily on support systems such as family, friends, and medical teams. However there is only so much someone can do for you, your health, your achievements, your accomplishments and your success is entirely and solely your personal responsibility.   While support systems and school faculty have some effect on a student’s success, each student is still personally responsible for their own accomplishments in college.
Personal responsibility means being aware that your actions have consequences.   It means taking into consideration that everything has a cause and effect chain reaction. When it comes to my health for instance, I am the only one who is responsible to for my insulin management and failure to do so can result in life threatening conditions. Only I can prevent such a threat from becoming a reality. Deciding to go back to school, in my eyes required the same amount of responsibility I use on a daily basis just to manage my health, and that the results of becoming a successful student and obtaining a college degree is entirely up to me.  
Realizing that you are your own person and that you are the only one who is in control and responsible for your own success. Personal responsibility involves the moral obligation to rely upon virtues such as honesty, respect, self-discipline, and compassion- (Hersh & Schneider 2005).   In college, personal responsibility has a crucial role to ensure college success. Having personal responsibility increases your chances of becoming a successful student. You are aware that assignments have to be turned in on time, or else your grades will suffer from it. You know that you must attend class or else your absence counts...