Personal Responsilbe

Even though going back to school can be stressful Personal responsibility mean is the key to life and college success, also I can be successful in college by using identifying goal for my education,

  A .   1.personal responsibility mean managing your time in your life throughout your college. 2. Personal responsibility is something that everyone should learn to be successful not only in college, but in life, they must learn how to be responsible in life .learning personal responsibility begins early in your childhood. Personal responsibility also requires a person to take responsibility for his or her actions, even when they are negative, and to be aware of the impact he or she has on others.
A responsible person is ready to accept the consequences for his or her actions and decisions. When a person does not accept personal responsibility, success and happiness cannot be maintained.            

        There are several correlations between personal responsibility and college success.   Personal responsibility to me, means being aware of my responsibility, knowing what my resources are to follow through with those commitments, understanding my deficits, exploring ways to better them, and being active with my goal planning. Even though strategies students use to succeed vary from each individual, college success is impossible without personal responsibility. Any student should have an important benefit. Without personal responsibility, any plan or resource a student has available to improve his or her chances of success are a waste of time. "When we take personal responsibility, we admit we are the ones responsible for the choices we make." (Gallozzi, 2011).
The first step I took to evaluate my time was using the Time Monitor/Time Plan Process provided in chapter two of Becoming a Master Student. After filling out this chart for one week, I then made a plan on how to spend my time and then monitored for another week. I then compared my time plan with my...