Personal Responsibility

Len Wilson hits the nail on the head when defining personal responsibility. Len Wilson states "when personal responsibility is defined as a person’s “response-ability,” that is, the ability of a person to maturely respond to the various challenges and circumstances of life." (Wilson, 2012). Personal responsibility is the decisions in life that you, yourself make and live with. Personal responsibility means doing the right thing even when it is a difficult choice to make.
    Personal responsibility can be hard on a person. It is difficult to make some choices in life and be responsible. Everyone is always looking for an easy way out. Personal responsibility takes a certain amount of pride in a person, and that person must have self-confidence in himself or herself. One of the biggest factors to consider with personal responsibility is you must make the right choices based on the decision at hand if you want to or not. Personal responsibility does not always mean that you make the right decisions it just means you are consistent with the decisions you make.
    There is a great deal of relationship between a student's personal responsibility and college success. In college, a student must be independent in nature. There is no one hovering over a person's back to ensure all the work is complete for class. This is the student's responsibility. A student should have good personal responsibility to get all his or her classwork complete, and not rely on someone helping with the assignments or being asked repeatedly if the assignments are complete. One of the most important factors whether a student has a successful college career is peer pressure. You have the personal responsibility to keep away from peer pressure and complete your classes on time or subdue to peer pressure and face the possibility of disciplinary actions. Peer pressure in college can result from drugs, alcohol, or cheating on an assignment. You must have a responsibility within yourself to stay...