Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative Essay
I had no idea that my life was going to change in a big way.   In 1989 my mother took her own life in a garage in Highgate, Vermont.   She was discovered by me and my sister after school one day, but looking back I know I would have done things differently if I would have known I was going to have to deal with the loss of a parent as a child.   Children aren’t supposed to pass away before their parents.   Children are supposed to watch their parent grow old and trade roles with them so that they are the ones watching over them as they get older.   But society has made this the norm and to have any of your family missing would make it an outlier, so anything other than that is weird and it made people treat me differently when I was a child.   Also a child I loved my mother very much, but her and I fought violently all the time.   I have gone through my life with a lot of regrets and wishing I could have done things different, because now she’s not here and now I don’t have anyone to apologize too.   I realized when my mother died how much that she really taught me about both life and death and child and parent’s role in a family.
I know that I would have done a lot of things different when I was younger if I had known that my mother was going to take herself out of my life prematurely.   I know I over reacted to a lot of things that as a child I though was the equivalence to the end of the world, things that considering that looking back seem so small and insignificant.   I would yell stuff like “I hate you,” or “Why don’t you just leave me alone,” or even “I can’t wait till I live by myself.”   I would have let her know how much I appreciate everything she does for me, because I know it’s hard for her being a single mom.   When I was being the way I was to her, I was only making stuff hard for her and I see that I should have let her know that she’s appreciated.   I know my words hurt her and I made it hard for her to be a parent, and there were...