Personal Leadership Portfolio

MAN 6167 – Personal Leadership Portfolio Assignment


Upon receiving this project, I immediately began to worry about a survey that would ask people to determine how strong of a leader I am. I cowered at the fact of coming up with either false information or information I felt was less than perfect. I think that this fear alone, confirms my primary style. My primary style is that of self-actualization. Self-actualized individuals seek to always become all that we can with the talents and knowledge we have. We tend to be creative and like to live in the moment. We bring almost a refreshing perspective to most situations and have a continuous intrinsic drive for self-development. I see this style manifested in myself on a daily basis by my strong desire to always meet new challenges. My motivation for success and coming up with new ideas is completely internal, and when the outlook seems grim to others, I am always the one that sees a positive outcome ahead, through the use of a plan. Although, I am currently a stay at home mom, I would imagine that as a manager that worked outside the home, I would share the same values as I do at home. I am an organized planner, because I feel that in order to tackle a task, the plan of attack must be clearly laid out and readily available to refer to. My backup thinking style is the Achievement style. I think this is very obvious because I seek to find jobs or take on challenges that will allow me to feel a sense of achievement. I have been known to quit jobs that paid a decent amount, but weren’t allowing me to achieve anything. On several jobs before, I’ve ended each day with a feeling of unimportance or frustration because I felt like the majority of my day had been spent working a job that wasn’t fulfilling or impacting the world. I think the fact that I decided to leave the corporate working world to be a stay at home mom, attests to the fact that I want to feel a sense of achievement in the personal raising...