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Personal Ethical Leadership Profile
Tony Streete
Olivet Nazarene University, MOL 606

Personal Ethical Leadership Profile
To be a successful leader I believe ethics has to play a major role in individuals who are responsible for running organizations.   In today’s business world I see emphasis on short term results that benefit a few rather than long term strategic results that benefit the mass.   The results are massive layoffs, record foreclosures, and major companies going bankrupt/out of business just to name a few.   I think our current economic environment is a result of short term thinking and lack of ethical leadership in government and business.   Trust is lost in leadership of our government and business leaders and bringing back that trust will be difficult.   After taking the Personal Ethical Belief assessment my highest score was no harm/no foul which I believe accurately reflects my ethical belief.   As owner of WE CARE Senior Caregiver Services, Inc., and knowing many of the situations which caused the current economic problems, running my business in an ethical manner is the foundation of what I believe will make us successful.   Embracing ethical business practices in every aspect of the company is critical for success.   As a servant leader and a corporate culture built upon achieving results, conducting business in an ethical manner is essential to me as a leader.
First, let me describe how I create a company built upon ethical principles. My personal belief is that organizational success is more than short term profits which is why everyone should do the right thing at all times.   It begins by creating an environment and building relationships where employees have opportunities to “soar like eagles” which I believe naturally brings out the best ethical behavior in people.   To do this, it begins with trust, honesty, integrity, being fair, respect, compassion and care.   I am...