Personal Essay

Life as a Single

Tambrea Wilson

Eng121: English Composition

Instructor: Sarah Hanson

March 31, 2016

        Hi, my name is Tambrea. I am the mother to a beautiful, magnificent five-year-old kindergartener. I was 19 when I got pregnant and 20 when I gave birth. Before getting pregnant, I thought I had my whole life planned out.   I didn’t know at the time how hard it would be, but I do not regret anything. She has made me stronger.   It can be challenging working full time, going to school and still giving my daughter one hundred percent of my day including helping her with homework and being active at her school. Life as a single mom can be stressful. I wake up at 5.37 am I have ironed clothes, cooked breakfast, gotten dressed my daughter for school, and styled Aaliyah’s hair six-fifteen.
        I am a full-time medical assistant at a neurologist office. My hours are eight to four-thirty. I live 30 minutes from my job, but with Atlanta traffic, it takes me an hour and a half. Working full time is hard, especially having to get up early to get my daughter ready for school and cooking breakfast. She attends school at my mom’s house, so I have to leave home at the right time to get her to the bus. At work, I constantly have my phone visible in case her school calls. My job is very supportive giving I am not the only single mother that works there. I enjoy work, but having a child makes me value the time from work more that I get to spend with her. Sometimes my job can get stressful; I have learned not to take work home, when 4:30 comes, I leave work at work. I did not understand mothers that would rather stay at home or work part time until I had my daughter. The money is great it; allows me to provide for my daughter, but it comes second to being with her.   I enjoy my job but I have a passion for helping children and wanting to teach them, that is why I decided to go back to school. Medical Assisting was a quick way for me to obtain a job and be...