Personal Educational Philosophy

Students are shaped by what they are taught by parents, family, friends and teachers. I learned many things, both good and bad from several people I encountered in life. As a teacher, what I believe will have a profound effect on how I teach my students. I believe that having a positive view of a student and believing that they all have the ability to learn is very important. I believe it is important to not only aid students in their academic work, but also with other issues they may have to deal with in life.
There are many different ways to approach art. Certain topics are emphasized more then others and can be more useful in everyday situations. It is important to teach students the basic art skills while still giving them assignments that will involve problem solving and what subjects to use for a project. Sometimes problems can be solved easily, while others may require inquirey on the topic. Certain projects require a great deal of planning and it is important to give students the ability to learn how to plan and slove these issues. While there is some need for things such as lectures, I also believe that projects should be very hands on. Most students taking art classes tend to be visual and kinestectic learners, so it is important the assignments are geared towards those learners. Students can learn a lot from seeing other works of art and learning its history.   Field trips and some lectures can help students learn about the projects they are doing, while also spraking ideas for them to do. Discussion and ideas are anther way that students can gather information and ideas for different projects. Their art work should be a reflection of themselves and be based on topics and things that interest them. A work of art is much more valueable to the artist if they are passionate and it means something to them. This concept applies in all stages and areas of learning, and should be applied to the subject matter a student picks to inspire their project.