Personal Development


The focus of the organization is on resources for personal, professional and organizational development. At the core of these is personal development. Without personal development, it's difficult to sustain professional and organizational development. Everyone should develop personal and professional evelopment plan to find out what are the required skill is necessary for the long term development in life.

1.1 Approaches to Self-managed Learning
Personal skills are very important for an individual and they guide an individual toward professional success. Personal skills play very vital role for progress of individual and organisation. They play very important role in the success of the organisation. Personal development is continues program for individuals which leads them toward organizational development. For personal development there are few skills which are very important. These skills guide an individual toward success. Without these skills nobody can move forward in his or her life. It is important for an individual to develop skills of communications, personal and interpersonal skill, time management and problem solving.
Kolb explains that different people naturally prefer a certain single different learning style. Various factors influence a person's preferred style: notably in his experiential learning theory model (ELT) Kolb defined three stages of a person's development, and suggests that our propensity to reconcile and successfully integrate the four different learning styles improves as organization mature through our development stages. (Kolb diagrams updated May 2006)

Self-Managed Learning is about individuals taking the steps, without the assistance of others, in determining their learning needs, developing their learning goals, identify human and material resources for their learning, choosing and carry out appropriate their learning strategies, and   evaluating their learning outcomes.
1.2 Propose ways in which lifelong...