Personal Development

right kind of environment to work, I’m the best person for any job related to my field.
I think that the personality test result in my case is very true. I totally agree with the conclusion just that I think I have somewhat more judging and analyzing capability than what the result shows. Other than that I’m fully convinced with the conclusion.
The major strengths with this kind of personality are they can adapt to any environment and with all kinds of people because they are extraverts. Their intuition factor helps them in creativity and innovation and they are spontaneous to respond in every situation. A fair bit of thinking capacity is always helpful which helps the person to go deep into a matter. Also judging personality is an important aspect in 21st century, which makes a person analyze situations and people in a better manner. The exceptional point in this personality type is that everything is expressed in a moderate manner which helps in maintaining relationships better.
Whereas the weaknesses with this kind of personality are that people can take advantage of this kind of personality types because they are jolly and always willing to cooperate. They think less while taking decisions because of less judging capacity and hence they can face problems trying to please every person at the same time.
According to Honey and Mumford what my relative learning strengths and weaknesses are as follows.

My relative strengths in terms of learning preferences:

My relative weaknesses in terms of learning preferences:

2 things I could do to develop my weaknesses:


Coordinator (Chairman) 09

Resource Investigator 04

Shaper 01

Plant 05

Specialist 06

Team Worker 14

Monitor Evaluator 09

Implementer 20

Completer 02

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