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Reflection of leadership Competencies of .
Business Manager, .. restaurant Burgess Hill.  

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31st May 2013

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  1. Reflection – page 3
      2.1. What are the principles of reflection?- Page 3
      2.2. What is the relevance of reflection to me?- Page 4

  2.   Performance Competencies -Page 4
2.1 Communicates Clearly Competency -Page 5
2.2 Builds and Leverages Talent Competency- Page 5
2.3 Leads Change and Innovation Competency- Page 6
3.   Reflecting Benefits- Page 7
Referencing – page 8
Appendix– page 9
Bibliography – page 10

  1. Reflection.
This report is to reflect and review the three leadership competencies from my performance appraisal at the start of the degree programme and to demonstrate how the programme has impacted my personal development around these competencies and also how this has impacted the business. Firstly some background information, and then I will discuss the principles of reflection and the importance to personal development and managing the business operations. I have also included the reflections I have completed during the programme, see appendix 1.
I started work as an administration assistant in 1990, supporting the restaurant management team, and then in 2001 I decided to use my knowledge and experience to become a manager. I worked as a shift manager until 2007 when I was asked to be a salaried assistant manager. Within a year I had progressed from an assistant to a business manager, and have managed the Burgess Hill restaurant since September 2008. During this time the restaurant has gone through some significant changes with a re-image in 2010 and changes to the team I work with. Most recently we were sold to a franchiser.   See Appendix 2 for the restaurants history for more background information.  
      2.1 What are the principles of reflection?
There are a...