Personal Development


1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
2. Self-awareness Reflection-----------------------------------------------------------------------2
3. Personal Development Plan---------------------------------------------------------------------5
4. Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
5. References-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

1. Introduction

Thirteen years of working in a variety of industries and international organizations have given me a solid foundation in understanding the nuts and bolts of the international business environment. It should be noted, however that, no business environment, be it structured and or unstructured, has been static. It takes a dynamic mindset coupled with relevant skillset to thrive in the ever-changing global business setting. I have observed companies rise and fall, high employee attritions, mismanagement and misallocation of resource all due to the lack or inadequate capacity building abilities. As a result of these observations I have always worked hard to develop myself professionally in order to remain relevant to the course and strategic direction of companies that I have worked for. Throughout my interactions and engagements with organizations, I have been able to hone my oral and written skills, because I believe that effective communication is one of the critical success factors to make an effective leader. I therefore structured my educational path to prepare and ready me appropriately for the contemporary fierce job market where top talents are in heavy demand.

My first degree prepared me to appreciate strategic thinking, decision making and how to handle difficult situations in the working arena. Developing oneself has never been an easy task, it calls for dedication, readiness, motivation, commitment and...