Personal Development Unit 2 Level 5

Sandra Jones   1st February 2016
Unit 2: Promote Professional Development

1 Understand principles of professional development

1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

When I first took a position as a deputy manager, it was the responsibility of my employer to check I was the right person for the job. This meant making sure I had the qualifications and skills needed and collecting references and checks to ensure my suitability.
Once employed, I now have a responsibility to keep my knowledge and skills up to date and ensure I improve in my abilities. The care industry has changed so much over the years and if I fail to change with it, what was good practice when I started may not only be poor practice, but fail to meet standards set out in new legislation.
As management, my capabilities and skills directly affect the staff I have working for me. My attitude to learning and embracing change will encourage or discourage staff and the quality of the service they provide is a direct reflection of my leadership.
Continual improvement of knowledge and skills is not an option, but a necessity in my job. I have to stay up to date with changing legislation and guidelines to ensure I meet CQC requirements. As management it is more important for me to be up to date as it is my job to lead other staff and if my information is out of date, my staff will be given wrong information. If I fall behind it will be my fault but if other staff fall behind because of it the home itself and the staff will suffer in their performance as a direct result. This can affect employability of other staff if they are associated with a home performing below standard and can also affect the home on inspection.
Reflective practice is a good tool in personal development, and the ability to step back and look at my own performance and be critical in a constructive way. If there is an issue I have dealt with for example, even if the outcome is positive, it is always...