Personal Development as a Leader

Personal development as a manager and leader (Unit 5001)

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Introduction 2

Task 1 – Assessing and planning for personal professional development 3 – 5

Task 2 – Planning for the resources required for personal professional 5 – 6


Task 3 – Implementing and evaluating the personal development plan 6 – 8

Task 4 – Supporting and promoting staff welfare 8 – 11

Conclusion 12
References & Bibliography 13 Appendices 14 – 25


This assignment explores the needs for, and methods of personal development as a manager and leader. The four key areas to be addressed in the assignment are (a) assessing and planning personal development, (b) planning resources needed for personal development, (c) implementing and evaluating a personal development plan, and (d), supporting and promoting staff welfare. The report will relate and critically evaluate academic theory against real-life workplace scenarios at operational level. Examples of personal development planning and reviewing will be included. (The appendix contains a personal SWOT analysis, a personal development action plan, and underpinning organisational CPD documentation.)

No Appendix included

Task 1 – Assessing and planning for personal professional development (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)

Watson and Gallagher (2006) suggest that management development could be seen as the whole process by which managers are enabled to ‘learn and grow’ in order to ‘manage for results’. Most individuals tend to learn through formal, informal, and integrated learning. Therefore, when developing managers, all learning methods should be considered.

Formal development tends to be a deliberate and planned process, whereas informal development can take place in the normal course of events....