Personal Constructs

Personal Constructs
Khadesha Sobers
University of the Southern Caribbean

List of Adjectives Personal Constructs
Nakida Stewart and Tonicia Ellie. The first two persons I would be comparing are Nakida Stewart, one of my many cousins, and Tonicia Ellie, one of my best friends. They both have a lot in common. They are affectionate to those who they interact with, ambitious in all that they do, charismatic, loyal, dependable and independent. God-fearing, outgoing, outspoken, trustworthy and a bit egotistical are more adjectives that I would use to describe them. On the other hand, they differ in sensitivity towards certain issues, experience (in terms of exposure to the world), decisiveness, temper and impulsiveness.
Mrs. Carol Grandville and Mrs. Carol Dove-James. These two women, Mrs. Granville (primary school teacher) and Mrs. Dove-James (second mother), are my role models. They are both nurturing, selfless, thoughtful, earnest, kind, willing to help those who will accept it, sincere in their gestures and words of encouragement, realistic women in my life. They would motivate you to do your best and assist in any way they can. In sternness, frankness, outspoken, impulsiveness and egotistical.
Ronell Scotland and Khadesha Sobers. Ronell Scotland is one of my best friends who is also like my big brother. In common, we have the love for cricket, others can rely on us, trustworthiness, compassionate, faithful, loyal, ardent and devoted in our studies, and considerate of others feelings; we both try to find the nicest way possible to relay bad information or constructive criticism to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Both Ronell and I are timid but surprisingly not with each other. Generally, we are easy to talk. On the contrary, I am more God-fearing than him, frankness, creativeness, down to earth and sociability.
Personal Constructs
My personal constructs was conducted on Nakida (a family member), Tonicia (a female friend), Mrs. Carol Granville (a teacher),...