Personal Cash Flow Statement

o How does a personal cash flow statement help you organize your finances?
The personal cash flow statement allowed me to re-evaluate my present financial position.   Using my bank statement from last month to complete the spreadsheet assignment, gave a different perspective to my variable spending habits. Solving this issue could cause the effect of achieving a goal; the comfort of having a savings account.
o What was the most interesting thing you learned about completing this worksheet?
Looking at the figures on the personal cash flow statement was not what I expected.   It was interesting due to the fact it was the first realization of my current and possibly future financial situation.   I have a whole new perspective for the success of my future goals.  
Incorporating this sheet as a picture to personal finances allowed me to recognize the next effect of creating a budget. Having a visual projection of cash flow will likely develop a better attitude toward creating the next improvement in future goals.   Viewing the cash outflow on daily consumption such as coffee, cigarettes and food were excessive.   But at the same time it improved my attitude toward creating a financial budget to amend this waste.   I can appreciate using this tool in actively pursuing the progression of establishing a financial baseline.
The introduction to the financial worksheet gave me the ability to measure current and future financial goals. Using this information to examine daily expenditures and observe spending habits are the first step in developing ideas to create a secure future.   While exploring options to plan for the future, it elevates some anxiety of where I stand financial and provide a better planned future for retirement.
o Did this worksheet provide you with any ideas about how you may want to change your budget (how much you are spending, saving, or reducing your debt)?
Implementing a savings account will be the first positive influence to fulfill my basic...