Personal Branding

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can ever be.” - TAG

Personal branding is an art of communicating to others, those things that are peculiar or unique to you as your defining characters and attributes. It is also knowing your strength and good qualities and using them to your advantage. It is as important as knowing who you are and what you have or need to offer.

Your creativity, intuitiveness and dynamic nature sum up your brand identity, but branding your personality is when you express yourself in a special, unique, relevant, different and honest way. Personal branding is not a tap that can be turn on or off. If people can’t identify with whom or what you are at a particular or relative time, then it may be difficult to project who you say you are to them. Your ability to maintain a position of unique difference creates an ambiance of recognition for you.

You have what it takes to have a strong brand; you just need to discover it. When you take time to look within and around you, there are lots of people doing great and special things and a question pop in your head, “What is special or different about me?” most times this is not an easy question to answer but on deeper reflection you will notice that there is a part of you that people get to compliment or appreciate you for - this can be your brand signature. You are an absolute opposite of the next person. Your mood, perspective, ideology, style and preference are not the same as the next person. All these makes you stand out in a crowded room and create relevance when competitions arise.

Creating a personal brand also requires that you have some basic parameters; be distinctive, consistent and relevant. Define your personal style and let everyone notice or be able to easily identify you by these monikers – it could be the way you talk, your manner of greeting, how you wear your clothes, your hair style, the cologne or perfume you wear,...