Person Centred Planning

Lead person centred planning
Person centred planning is an approach to empower service users to have control of their care package in place enabling them to live the life they want to. The plan is designed to be centred on that individual’s needs and preferences. The plan must be personalised to the individual having informed choices, options promoting independence. Personalisation of care packages could take away the responsibilities of the social worker leading to less availability of a social worker which in turn could possibly put more pressure on support workers requiring them to undertake specialist training   to be able deal with assessing the individual’s needs. Having personalisation with the their care budget would require having multi agency meetings along with family members and friends giving them there input but not allowing them to cause conflict, this meeting will determine whether the individual has the capacity to make decisions about their care package using risk assessments and safeguarding procedures. The decisions they make should not deprive them of their liberty in any way, Dols assessment’s must be considered to prevent or be put in place before any outcomes are made. Individuals must be able to make choices around the risks they would like to take. With involvement from all professionals and families whom will provide commitment to persons involved to recognise the rights of individuals and produce an on-going process to meet the needs required. The care plan will be a continual listening, learning process where changes can be made were necessary to continue providing a quality care package promoting quality of life.
There are five key features to person centred planning which are,;
The individual is at the centre of the plan and the principles of rights, independence and choice are paramount priority. Listening to the individual’s choices of how they want to live and what support they will require to suit their needs.
Family and...