Perry vs Perry

Sorabel Harrigan                                                                     January 18, 2008
Period 2                                                                                   English

Perry vs. Perry

In the novel, ‘In Cold Blood,’ by Truman Capote, tells the story of four members of the Clutter family who were brutally and savagely murdered. No one in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas could believe that something like that could have happened, and the killers had seemed to leave no clues behind. The small town of Holcomb was no longer safe. After several months of investigating and searching, the killers were finally captured. Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edwards Smith were found guilty of killing the Clutters.
While being investigated, Perry Smith revealed that he was indeed the one who killed all four members of the Clutter family. At first he blamed two of the deaths on his adversary, but then told the truth. (“Perry Smith told me he wished to change two things in his statement he had given us. He said everything else in the statement was true and correct. Except these two things. And that was that he wanted to say that he killed Mrs. Clutter and Nancy Clutter, not Hickock. He told me that Hickock didn’t want to die with his mother thinking he had killed any members of the Clutter family and he said the Hickocks were good people. So why not have it that way” pg 286)
Truman Capote the famous journalist and the writer of In Cold Blood were able to interview the dangerous convicts before their crucial punishment. During the several interviews, Truman got really up close and personal with Perry. He got Perry to trust in him, something Perry had never done with anyone else.
Perry was the nicest, gentle hearted man you could ever meet. No one would have ever thought that, he could be a cold blooded killer. It is the story of his past that contributes credence to the fact that he slaughtered the Clutter family. Different emotions of hatred...