Performance Management

Diploma in Management & Leadership - Performance Management

Executive summary

Performance management has many definitions and concepts regarding it.
Managers and employees trade information in meeting and appraisal systems talking over agreed personal development and i with the aim of increasing the performance of an individual or team and the overall effectiveness of the organisation in achieving company objectives and mission.
XXXX is a results driven organisation with a mission of “success for our students” the only way to evaluate performance against the statement is by measuring the success of each student. If targets are not meet funding is lost and the college suffers in turn so do the students. The IT team are not governed directly by teaching bodies such as Ofsted, however with technology constantly moving forward the IT team cannot afford to become complacent, it is the job of the manager to ensure that the team are up-to-date with relevant training and are performing as individuals and as a team. The manager must also ensure the facilities are up to date as this will aid the learners and help them achieve while they are at the college.
The team is small and would benefit from 360 degree feedback the team members often work together and cross over jobs; it would be very beneficial to see how an employee affects the team and is seen amounts their colleagues.

Written Assignment

The IT team are constantly supporting the IT infrastructure within the organisation. Individuals within the team have different skillsets and abilities; it is the job of each individual to firstly satisfy the requirements of their day to day job (job description). The primary objective for 1st line helpdesk is to answer, log and resolve all support calls. Secondary objective is to collaborate with the rest of the team to improve the IT infrastructure by introducing, proposing or using new initiatives, procedures and documentation. Belbin team...