Performance Appraisal Tool

Performance appraisal is a large part of retaining and maintaining employees in the organization. Performance appraisal gives both the individual and the manager an idea of what goals have been completed and what goals still need to be worked on. This is also a great opportunity to look at past projects and evaluate the work and effort put into past work. Today research will be done on the University of Michigan’s Health System performance expectations and performance appraisal.
About University of Michigan Health System
University of Michigan (U-M) first opens their doors in 1817 in Detroit but eventually moves to Ann Arbor (UM Health System, 2000). However, it was not until 1950 that University of Michigan received their first group of students, count of one hundred. Since then, the enrollment has increased greatly with additional improvements such as   moving from a three-year curriculum to a four-year medical program (UM Health System, 2000). Furthermore, University of Michigan goes on to be the first accomplish many inventions and health aids such as the EKG (electrocardiogram), the first to introduce psychiatry to the curriculum, iodized salt for goiter prevention, human genetics, and full nursing program.
By the year 2010, University of Michigan Health services has become nationally accredited and one of the best facilities to learn and to be treated. The reason could be due to the learning environment, maintaining good workers, and growing relationships with employees and team members.
Performance Appraisal System
Like every other organization, University of Michigan Health Services has to have a way to gauge the performance levels of each employee and team member. The purpose is to make future goals, see goals that have been accomplished, see improvement in the individual and possible make improvement for the individual as well as for the department, team, and organization.   This is completed by University of Michigan by using a “Staff Performance...