Performance Appraisal Review

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2
2. Background Of Study 2
3. Summary 4
4. Analysis 4
5. Evaluation 8
6. Conclusion 9
7. References: 11

1. Introduction

All the 3 articles have clear abstracts in them providing a concise overview of the topic. Article 1 is written by Andrea Šalková, article 2 is written by Ehtasham Ghauri, Philip A.Neck and Artcile 3 is written by Gary P. Latham, Marie-He ́le`ne Budworth, Basak Yanar and Glen Whyte. All the articles discusses about performance appraisal.
2. Background Of Study

In article 1 the writer establishes that the business can achieve long-term competitive advantage provided it is able to offer, be connected, coordinate and effectively utilize the available resources. Therefore the rivals can’t mimic it.   They should be able to analyze the status and know the way that they contribute to fulfilling the goals defined. The study primary purpose is to identify which uses the appraisal methods chez authors and foreign authors. The write has clearly explained the problem statement very well in the introduction. As for article 2 the write has given extensive background information. Its is a study aiming to find out the factors that are related to performance appraisal. Pakistan is chosen as the research location. It is pointed out that Businesses should constantly develop their management procedure rather than the same techniques based upon past success. As stated by Rodwell, Kienzle & Shadur “HRM procedures are the driving force behind employee perceptions influencing drive towards A collaborative environment and communications positively skew staff views. There is more job satisfaction when the job environment is healthy when there is better communication. Businesses with positive staff views possess a high ratio of satisfied clients. A business should work to build an environment of better service within the business. Rational treatment of staff leads to organizational citizenship that encourages...