Perfection Era

Perfection Era
Axia College

Cassandra Oringdulph
October 17, 2010

Perfection Era
      During the period of the 18th century the colonial expansion sent colonist to the west and south. This resulted in many of the people settling in the country side where there was not church to attend meetings and no congregations unless they wanted to travel to the nearest town which could be miles away. There were churches and towns being built up and down the Atlantic coast, ideas coming from the Enlightenment began causing questions of religious truths that were long held. This started American clergymen starting schools that were for preachers and initiated revivals. The great awakening in opinion is revitalization of religious piety that flowed through each colony like a river, though this was not unanimous.
      The great awakening movement was made up of people that had a democratic ideal; some believed that a valuable quality in person was spiritual conversion. Perfectionism is what this was known as it was the want to have a society that was equal and perfect. The position of women and African Americans which was second rate citizen started to be questioned due to this belief. They were even able to in some churches gain the right to speak, preach, and vote on matters of the church. Though some of them were gaining rights within the church during this period not all the churches agreed with this change. Even though some of them gaining their rights in the church, they had little to no rights once they left the church. During this time the abolitionist movement was trying to put a halt to slavery due to moral principles. Though little did anyone know that a second great awakening would be coming and bring about more changes to sociality.
      This second great awakening started roughly the same way as great awakening itself did another attempt to expand religious revival in many areas of Christianity. Many people of the Christian religion had...