Perceptional Maps

Perceptual Map
Debbie Vigilante,
September 25, 2012
Keri Sanders

          Perceptual Maps in Marketing

Thorr Motorcycle makes over 200,000 motorcycles a year and is a company that makes $5 billion dollars.   The company also makes licensed T-shirts, leather goods, shoes, toys, and other items.   Their high-end motorcycle is the Cruiser Thorr.   Although this industry is thriving, sales are decreasing for Thorr Motorcycles.

The Thorr Motorcycles are developing classics that are ‘old style’ and expensive, thus making this brand attractive for older age groups those wanting the nostalgic feeling of a bike.   Recently there is a steady decline in the desire for this product.   Younger generations do not have the funds to purchase high-end motorcycles and looking for more modern looing bikes.   In order for Cruiser Thorr to be successful, the company has to change the marketing strategy they are using today.

Solutions, Reasoning, and Results

The first step to determine the market position of Cruiser Thorr would be to set up parameters involved in creating the Perceptual Map in Marketing.   The lifestyle image, product design and styling cool, product individuality, service offerings, price, safety, and quality engineering make up the Perceptual Map in Marketing.   The four fundamental parameters are lifestyle image, product design and styling, product uniqueness, and price.   Thorr does not need the target market because the generation is getting older.   When it comes to trend the lifestyle influences what people buy and how they want to live. Lifestyle image is valuable in the motorcycle industry because it is how people notice your style.

Product design and styling is what attracts the customer to the product.   Many motorcycles customers look at engine size as a high point.   However, market research shows many things are a high point when it comes to motorcycles of all kinds and varieties.   In the introduction phase of marketing a new...