She was different, no one could connect with her. Everyone eliminated themselves from her presence. The kids would whisper “why is she wearing black” or “she looks so scary”. Mellitta dressed like she was going to a rock concert pretty much every day. Black oily hair, dark brown lipstick and black eye shadow. Her look was out of the ordinary, dark coloured skinny jeans with high top think leather boots with spikes that were sharp enough to pop a balloon. Mellitta refereed to herself as an allegorical representation of the world, she believed the world is a dark place, that individuals are all fake and live just to impress each other not themselves. She dresses how she believes the world is “black” and “evil”. No one ever knew what made her decide to be like this or even why.
Oh god, oh god it can’t be stuck, she pressed all the buttons, called the help button 5 times but no one was responding. She screamed for help until obliviously realising that no one was here. Why did I have a day off school she kept saying to herself, this would of not of happened. She looked to her left and she was stuck in a lift with this lady. At this point Mellitta was having hot sweats and getting very dizzy, she was claustrophobic.
“This is the last thing I need right now” MEllitta yelled, then she collapsed
A woman middle aged, was what MEllitta saw as she opened her eyes.
“Calmm down child everything is fine, someone will get us out in the next 30Min I called sercirty”
Mellitta was so light headed and had no idea what was happening. She still had to take in the fact that she was talking to another human being, she never talks to anyone.   did not even notice that this lady was right next to her, she was too caught up in working out how to get out of this lift.   There was a moment of silence for a while, the heat increased and both girls were sweating. Mellitta took off her thick leather spiked boots until the lady spoke again.
“My name is Loane”...