MY REFLECTION                                       Padilla, Bianca
                                  Period 2, study tech
                                                                        VALENTINE DAY  
    My first semester went well. I met a lot of new friends and met with a lot of old friends too. I learned many things I didn’t know before. My classes were intresting and I had a lot of fun to. I also learned how to survive 7th grade with some helpful tips. I also learned some tips on middle school like tips on locker combos and locker #’s   and many other advice.
    Although it’s been a good semester .I wasn’t perfect at school. Some areas of   improvement I have to work on are homework.   I have to spend moe time doing my H.W. I also have a problem with talking in class which distracts me from paying attention .
  Well I can solve my badwork habbits easily. I will do my homework somewere quiet and read it through better so I can turn in better work and get better HW. grades. I also have to try to avoid sitting next to my friends in classes. Anothere thing I need too work on is listening better when the teacher is talking and not doodle.
  In study tech we have time to do our H.W. and if we need help we can ask the teacher. Its a fun class because you learn about many different things . I don’t want it to change.   Well I would like us to go out in the quad more.  
  What do I do in study tech? Well iuse it as a quiet place to do my homewok   and I also ask for help on things I don’t get. I also study for other classes that I might or will have upcoming tests or quizzes.I also like to organize myself better in that class for it and all my other clasess.