Penguins Proposal

“Breaking News: Tsunami hit Japan this morning.” “The Government is trying to prevent nuclear power from leaking.” “Japan confronts scope of catastrophe.” Going through newspapers, TV news, Internet, etc., this past few days, all people see is updated information about the huge earthquake and the attack of Tsunami in Japan on Friday 11th, 2011 which the solutions to the aftermath are still being solvent. Japan is well known for having many earthquakes in the past because of its geographic location, but this time Japanese people could not avoid a dangerous natural disaster that leaves them so many painful things, and shocks behind. Another horror thing for the whole country is nuclear power plant at the alert level. It keeps leaking after the Tsunami. Facing with the present facts, the aftermath takes away each of everyone’s hope, and the most important thing is happiness, which who will know the answer when these victims can find their most valuable thing in their lives, the thing that we people never want to loose – family and a home.
“The 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place in one day and right after it is another Tsunami hitting to the Northeastern Japan.” (, and it keeps spreading out throughout the whole day. Other cities in the middle of Japan also get strong affect from the quake that leaves people not enough time to evacuate. The peaceful in those small towns of Japan and the busy of Tokyo are interrupted just in one day, and cause a big damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. The worst fear of human is natural disaster, and people in Japan have to take everything in one day. Not only the Tsunami causes damaged properties, it also causes thousands of death. “Homes are swept away” ( Like how it is called, the Tsunami swept away everything in its path, including farm, cars, ships, etc., and even scarier is the people that live in the areas cannot save themselves and their family members from the Tsunami.
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