Peaty the Pigeon

Peaty the Pigeon

Peaty the Pigeon is the decedent of one of the cereal gods (The Corn Flakes Turkey) the resemblance is not big because he got his looks from his uncle, the bird in fruit loops. Peaty was an orphan for most of his life because when his mom and dad met in Vegas one night you could say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, therefore Peaty spend his childhood as a blackjack dealer. But Peaty wanted more of life than dealing blackjack; he wanted to be a kung fu pigeon.

      He trained in between shifts and in his spare time, after many months Peaty knew more about kung fu than Jackie Chan. However in order to become the greatest kung fu fighter ever Peaty needed immortality and a funky new hat. The immortality part wasn’t going to be tough however getting a funky hat now days isn’t that easy.

      In a land far far away from San Francisco there was a farm, this farm unlike others had hidden secrets and adventures to whoever dared to trespass. Although there was a treasure at the end of the journey, this treasure was different. It came with eternal life and unlimited ‘Rice Crispy Treats’ made from the cereal gods which include; Tony the Tiger, the drunk squirrel in the ‘Honeycomb’ commercial and the rest of the Kelloggs’ family.

      Peaty knew the only way too immortality was in the farm in which all legends engraved history. He couldn’t do it alone so he took along the monkey from Chocos (Coco) and Mario, two people who meet Peaty while he went to buy a funky hat. The hat wasn’t all that funky, so he grew an afro because it looked groovy.

      They had to be prepared before entering the farm of destiny. So they dressed themselves as Mexican food in order to not be recognized. Peaty was a Taco, Coco was an orangutan although peaty repeatedly tried explaining him than an orangutan is not Mexican food (it’s a monkey with no tail), and Mario was dressed as a Chihuahua, Peaty gave up on them (For anyone reading this, Chihuahua is not...