Peace Like a River: Make Your Own Chapter

Meyers 1
Abbey Meyers
English 9, hour 1
2, April, 2012

Part One
When the Truth Turns to Lies
I TOLD THEM WHERE MY BROTHER WAS HIDING, I DIDN’T WANT TO.   Lonnie Ford; the sheriff Mike Lanz; federal investigator, Harper Juval; and some other deputies; and myself met the next morning at Lonnie Ford’s ranch. We rode up through the hills on horseback. That day   I knew that Davy was close, I could almost feel him as if he was there with us. I kept my thoughts to myself. Mr. Juval seemed skeptical about me being there. A boy guiding adults through a small world in search for a young fugitive. They all knew I was their last chance of trying to find Davy.
While we were riding on horseback through the dark hills, I zoned out into the deep color of the clear sky. I started thinking about Swede. I knew I had kept a secret from her that she had the right to know. She felt like we would never keep anything from eachother. And then I forgot all that and turned on her in an instant. I want to know if she knew that the only reason   I didn’t tell her was to protect Davy. But she didn’t care. She now thought of me as a traitor not her brother, a traitor. I had to think of what she wanted from me in order for her to forgive me. Maybe just the
Meyers 2
“ You okay boy?” Mr. Juval asked, interrupting my thoughts.
I awakened from my mind and nodded.
“ You know we can’t have you going out on us now. We need you to help us find your brother.”
“ I know.” I felt a little light headed at that point. I was looking into the sky as if I was trying to find something. I don’t know what I was looking for. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar figure. It moved fast like a mysterious shadow. Just by those few seconds, seeing a glimpse of the unknown figure. I knew it was Davy. He had been following us. I was tempted by guilt to say something to Mr. Juval, but somehow I managed to keep it to myself. I was watching him silently through the dark shadows of...