Pdp Paper

Part IIIB: Professional Interview
Edna J. Jones is the director of Education at the ATI Training Institution. My goal in interviewing her is to better understand her intentions in improving the instructors’ and the educational department’s effectiveness in facilitating a learning environment and also to operate in compliance with company and state regulations. It is my intention to comprehend what new strategies she plans to implement to initiate overall improvement in that regard.

The role of the ATI Training Institute instructors’ is to facilitate a learning environment in that, utilizing innovative and creative teaching abilities, and strong motivational skills to inspire students. They were also expected to participate and supervise school affairs such as sports/cultural fest and handle departmental issues. Instructors scheduled, coordinated, and conducted student tutorials and also interpreted, analyzed and advocated school policies to students. At this time based on continuous audits from both the corporate office and the Department of Education, instructors are left apprehensive of their status.

The schools’ educational department’s role is to provide administrative support to both the students and the instructors. The responsibility of that department is record keeping, in that the office maintains records of student's grades to form transcripts. Another responsibility entails the distribution of resources such as books uniforms, etc. The department also provides necessary documentation to the instructors, such as student rosters, class schedules, updates about students when applicable and assists in accessing and distributing teaching apparatus.
Mrs. Jones works as the Regional Director of Education. She has been working with ATI for over 10 years. Initially as an instructor at the ATI Training Center, Texas for 5 years and then was promoted into Director of Education (DOE) at that location. Her current job takes her to different ATI campuses...