Pdp Assignment


‘Self Development is Personal Development, with the person taking the primary responsibility for his or her own learning and for choosing the means to achieve this.’
(Pedler, Burgoyne & Boydell, 2001).

Personal development is about enabling people to fulfil their potential, to expand their talents and to progress at work and through life with meaning and satisfaction.
Personal development is a means which help us to breach the self-image closer with the ideal image which ultimately leads to greater self believe and satisfaction.

Task 1:
      1.1 Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals.
There are many skills which are significant to learning in higher education and career but also to your personal development and employability. This skills audit has been made to help you to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and areas for development within various skills areas.
It is a review of your present skills against the skills which we need for both present and in the future.   It helps us to identify our existing skills, identify what skills we need to develop existing work and role more effectively and also to plan, improve and develop the skills and knowledge needed for our future career.  
A SWOT analysis will identify where we can improve, and also allows us to identify our internal strengths that can help us to find new opportunities and prevent us from external threats.
  * Ability to lead from front, motivate, hard worker, honest, energetic, team player, speed, accuracy.
  * Communication Skills
  * Fast and willing learner and able to prioritise things.
  * Patience, willingness, energy level, assertiveness, sensible and attitude are my personal behavioural traits.
  * Practical, creative and interpersonal are my intelligence preferences.
  * Take little time to get involve in discussion, socialising, high level of speech,...