Pdj Entry 1: Yr 2

PDJ Entry 1 (Milestone 1)
What are the three areas in your teaching where you feel most confident?
Previous observations remarked on my ability to plan well, create a good rapport with the learners and embed functional skills effectively, and these areas of teaching are where I feel the most confident. I also feel confident in my role as a personal tutor.
Planning: The PGCE and staff development days have enabled me to understand the planning process, and appreciate why good planning plays critical role in the successful delivery of a lesson where learning objectives are met. Due to the nature of the learners – many have learning difficulties or behavioural issues – the structure that good planning provides enables me to feel confident that the learners remain on task, and enjoy the lesson. This, I have found, creates a good atmosphere in the classroom and in turn, leaves me feeling more in control.
Personal tutoring and rapport with the learners: This year I am a personal tutor to eight learners (last year I had two tutees) – and I enjoy this role. Most of our learners at the Hub arrive with many barriers; low self-esteem; personal issues and can be quite negative when it comes to embracing the education on offer. It is vital that these learners are handled with great care! Effective communication can be a powerful tool, and I know that in order to gain trust, I must be a good listener; offer support; be non-judgemental and never patronise. When the learner begins to trust the tutor, feel comfortable and supported in their environment – they are more likely to lose some of their barriers, start to achieve and progress.
Embedding Functional Skills: Teaching functional skills last year has given me the skills and confidence to effectively embed this into my sessions. I can confidently highlight functional skills being used in sessions - whether planned or happening by chance. It can be challenging to promote the importance of functional skills, but when...