1. Read pages 117-134 out of outcomes textbook and summaries
2. answer all inquiry questions in chapter 4
3. copy table 4.3 on page 133 of textbook

Chapter 4; Actions required to address Australia’s health priorities
Critical question; What actions are needed to address Australia’s health priorities?

Levels of responsibility for health promotion
Responsibility for promoting health applies at many levels, including:
- individuals and families
- groups in the community and industries e.g. schools, workplace and media
- government; local, state and commonwealth
- non-government organizations, both Australian and international.


    Community                               Governments                                       EFFECTIVE
      Groups                                                                                                 HEALTH

Health promotion achieves more positive results if all these levels participate and cooperate in the program or strategy.

SNAPSHOT – In all fairness: NSW health and equity statement
Inquiry Questions
1. Describe reasons why NSW Health needs to work with multiple partners in order to effectively reduce health inequities.
2. Identify the levels of government and other stakeholders in the New South Wales health system who need to be involved in all stages of health processes and services.

SNAPSHOT – Get Set 4 Life – a health promotion initiative
Inquiry Questions
1. identify the groups and organizations that:
a) were involved in the development of the health initiative
b) will be responsible for implementing the initiative
2. Outline the benefits that the health promotion strategy hopes to achieve....