Australia Diabetes Council –BEAT IT- TRANSCRIPT

Host – Did you know 280 Australians develop diabetes every day in Australia? That’s one person every five minute! Diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system. Which is why our story tonight is so important. Organisations such Australian Diabetes Council, one of Australians remarkable organisations, which is a key contributor to the improvement of Australian health. They address the need and change for those suffering from diabetes through initiatives such as the ‘Beat it! Physical Activity and Lifestyle Program’, that has changed many Australians future for a longer, healthier life. With us today is Mrs. whom is the founder of this initiative. What is this initiative all about Mrs. ?

Ms. - This initiative is all about developing a healthier Australia, for those overweight, obese, have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes. This is a program aiming to decrease the rate of diabetes in Australia as 1 million Australians have been diagnosed. This initiative clearly emphasizes towards those individuals suffering from Diabetes, “Don't let diabetes stop you from living your life”. We can change together. Beat it! Physical Activity and Lifestyle Program’- is a training and educating program, consisting of twice weekly group-based physical activity training plus fortnightly lifestyle education and nutrition sessions. This initiative is all about getting active and improving your health in a supportive environment BEAT IT classes are fun, safe and supportive. Classes start slowly and build up as they become more confident and their health and fitness improve. BEAT IT is a group program that offers the benefits of exercising with people who share similar experiences and enables you to motivate and support each other along the way!

Host – So what are your goals of this initiative, what change are you aiming to see in Australia?

Ms.Where do I start,...