Pdhpe Sports Med

Year 12 PDHPE Assessment task- Sports Medicine: First aid scenario

As the doctor of the Liverpool Football Club, you are required to provide a report for the club on how Djibril Cisse’s injury should be managed

  a) Outline of the immediate on-field assessment protocol utilised

Once I am on the field and the game has been stopped I would undertake the TOTAPS regime as my protocol for the assessment of Cisse’s injury. TOTAPS is an acronym standing for Talk, Observe, Touch, Active movement, Passive movement, Skills test. This allows the assessor to determine whether the athlete may return to play. At anytime the assessor feels the player is in too much discomfort the regime may be stopped.

T- How I would approach this is to talk to Cisse, asking for a description on how the injury occurred and rate the pain out of 10 (10 being the most pain), as a rough indication of his perspective towards the pain. (I would stop the assessment here if pain was too high for Cisse to endure: as clip illustrates)

O-After talking to the athlete, observe the injury. Body language is a key sign of whether the athlete may continue or not, as well as comparisons with the same other body parts. In this case an appropriate comparison would be against the two legs. Cisse’s leg appears to be deformed will prevent Cisse from further participation in this match.

T-Next phase is to touch the injured body part. This allows the assessor to gain physical evidence on the severity of the injury. While touching the body part the assessor may ask to gauge the pain using a rating out of 10. In this phase both legs may be touched to outline the state of the injury. Djibril Cisse would experience vast soreness if I touched his leg.

A-The next step of this procedure is active movement. The assessor will ask the player to attempt to move the injured body part to visualize the pain and agony expressed by the athlete when pressure is placed on the area. Cisse would be in immense pain if...