Pdhpe Perceptions of Health

Question 1
For my health behaviour change, I have decided that I want to change my daily consumption of water. I chose this specific health behaviour, as water is one of the most valuable things for our bodies and is an easy behaviour to change. Water is an important component to long-term health as well and advantages in our bodies by improving skin appearance, removing toxin and wastes, providing energy, more nutritional supplements and promoting your mind body fitness. Approximately each day I drink around 1 litre of water, which is only half the recommended daily amount. With my blood pressure also being slightly low, this amount has been insufficient to my needs and have caused me occasionally to faint and usually feel dizzy when getting up rapidly from a lying or sitting down position. People with low pressure need the additional intake of water to compensate for the weakness of the tone and vasoconstriction capabilities of the vessels. I believe by increasing my daily intake of water it will effectively improve my quality of life and my overall health.

Question 2.
The factors that influence my health behaviour change, to increase my daily water consumption are determined by my Individual, Socio-economic and Environmental factors. Individual factors influence my knowledge, skills and attitude. By having an increased knowledge on the positives and benefits to drinking water my attitude towards improvement in the health behaviour is increase and I therefore am more determined in doing so. My Socio-economic factors modify my control to some extent and may also reflect on my individual factors. Having a higher level of education increases my knowledge on this issue and contributes to improving my overall health status. Today in schools this form of ‘health education’ is mandatory for all student from Kindergarten to year 10. Environmental factors such as my geographical location reflect much toward the quality of the water. Living in area where there is very...