Pdh Notes

Meanings of health

Good health: equal balance between the dimensions of health

Holistic view: interaction between the mind, body and spirit

Dimensions of health: five areas physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual that combine together to form an individuals status of health

Physical: associated with structure and function of the body

Emotional: individuals ability to recognise and express needs and feelings adequately and appropriately

Mental: individuals thinking and communication skills, resilience and self esteem and ability and adapt to change

Social: individuals ability to make and maintain relationships within different social contexts

Spiritual: need to establish life’s purpose, feel a connection either with religion or another outlet

Relative health: in relation to another factor such as are you healthy compared to another period of time, in relation to your potential or in relation to others

Dynamic health: our state of health changes over time, so we can say it’s dynamic

Morbidity/ Mortality: level of illness/ death rate

Health continuum: measures our health status at any point/ moment in time

Perceptions of health: are social constructs meaning that how we see health is based on our own experiences and the social, economic and cultural conditions we live in. The perceptions of health we develop affect our own personal health attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. They influence our expectations about people’s ability to achieve good health. The media, peers and families all influence how health is perceived and the values, attitudes and beliefs we develop about the importance of health, they also influence our knowledge, skills and behaviours

Implications of different perspectives: at an individual level a persons perceptions of health determine whether or not they take appropriate action. At a societal level different perceptions drive the agendas of those responsible for developing health strategies and...