Pct Counselling Framework Assignment

Research and discuss how the Ethical Principals of the BACP Ethical Framework promote Rogers’ view.

Rogers’ states: “As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves”.

During the course of this report, I will aim to identify how the BACP’s ethical framework helps to promote Carl Rogers’ view of Person Centred Therapy. I will explore the reasons and importance of working within an ethical framework, and how Rogers sees the client as leading the way to self-discovery. Recognising counsellor’s responsibilities to clients is important.

Overview of Person Centred Therapy:

Person Centered Therapy is a talking treatment, and the purpose is not to give advice but to help the client understand their feelings, deal with their problems, cope with difficulties and improve relationships. Counselling can promote positive mental health by giving the client the opportunity to focus on their issues and find their own solutions to their problems. It also gives the client the opportunity to open up and explore their feelings. If people who suffer from mental health issues do not talk about their problems, then the problems can escalate out of control. Certain conditions cannot be fixed by counselling because they are life long, for example, bipolar disorder. However regular counselling will offer the client the time and space to be able to explore their thoughts, feelings and issues, hence enabling them to cope with life on a daily basis and if necessary, integrate back into society.

In this technique, therapists create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment by demonstrating congruence (genuineness), empathy, and unconditional positive regard toward their clients whilst using a non-directive approach. This aids clients to find their own solutions to their problems.
Carl Rogers’s theory and through experience determined that a client can be helped to change their way of thinking if the...