Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward
Toni Kubitscheck
University of Phoenix
Capstone Course
Kevin Bedford
April 04, 2012

Pay it Forward
On a beautiful, warm and very sunny April day two gentlemen spend most of their morning planning an afternoon fishing trip, the two were anxious.   In and out of the house they went carrying things that needed to be taken along.   As the two men were loading up the last of the gear they receive a phone call from the neighbor across the street.   Bill, the neighbor, is 90 yrs. Old, has had two minor heart attacks, and several mini strokes.   During the call arrangements are made between Bill and the two gentlemen to help move a brand new refrigerator into Bills house.
The two men head across the street, surely this will not take very long.   It was not too hard to get the old fridge out however, after two hours the men still had not gotten the new refrigerator into Bills house.   After trying both the front and side doors and taking off the entire door and the framing the men still could not get the appliance into the house.   They are now tired and need to take a break, so they sit and visit for 30-45 minutes before they decide to give it one more try through the back door of the house this time.   It is now 5:00 p.m.   The two younger men move the side-by side fridge around to the back of the house and up the steps of the deck to the back door. This door will definitely be wide enough if the door and the framing are removed so the two get to work.   30 minutes later the framing is off and the men can get the door into the house and where it belongs for Bill.   The men are thanked and and head out of the house to return home when they notice that dark storm clouds have rolled in and they will not be making the fishing trip after all. The two know this without sharing a word. The men are now walking up their driveway to get in out of the now falling rain, without one complaint and smiles on their faces.  

This experience is the true meaning...