Pavement Shops

The Effects of the Pavement shops in the boulevard of Puducherry

The boulevard area of Puducherry is attracting domestic and foreign tourists) especially through the French heritage buildings and the rock beach. However, they are littered with non-biodegradable wastes such as plastics and disposable materials, discarded by hawkers selling eatables and the pedlars who sell on the road and these non-biodegradable wastes are posing a threat to the marine life and polluting the sea. Addition to this the vegetable and fruit waste which are degradable also cause a stinks in some streets. This reports aims to provide solution for the issues faced by the Pavement shops and to creating awareness among the people for a trash-free marine environment.
                  In general the Municipalities are permitted to enforce reasonable regulations concerning hawking and peddling within their borders. It may be required for such salespeople to obtain licenses; however, municipalities cannot prohibit the business through the requirement of an excessive fee. In such situations where a license is required, a pedlar or hawker must obtain it prior to the time when he or she begins to sell wares and it must be issued to the individual who is actually engaged in the peddling.
The study has the below objectives:
1. To relocate the hawkers to an alternative site.
2. To deteriorate the fees that is paid to the municipalities.
3. To validate the pavement shops to be hygienic and clean.
4. To appoint local authorities to monitor the pavement shops.
5. To eliminate parking of vehicles on either side of the road, as it causes problems to pedestrians.
According to sources, the hawkers were spoiling the beauty of the beach, and so have been asked to move. The tourists and local visitors to the beach front buy snacks etc. and leave the food waste, paper plates, and garbage and plastic cups on the beach itself. At present, there were about 125 hawkers near...