Paul Keeting Speech

Speech title: Funeral Service of the Unknown Australian Soldier
Speaker: Paul Keeting
Then Prime Minister Paul Keeting’s speech which was delivered at the Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier was a moving eulogy of an unknown patriotic Australian and a solemn remembrance of all soldiers who have died for Australia but have never been properly laid to rest. Being delivered on Remembrance Day (November 11) in 1993, it was hugely significant as it not only lay to rest a national symbol of patriotism and sacrifice, but it also commemorated the opening of the Commemorative Dome and the lighting of the Eternal Flame at the Australian War Memorial. The war ceremony which remembered all lost soldiers was an event of National Significance.
The eulogy which Keeting presented at the ceremony was to commemorate the sacrifices made by countless Australians during war. It was especially to remember the tens of thousands who have died during war. During the speech, Keeting encouraged normal Australians to celebrate the qualities shown by the Unknown Soldier and learn “to endure hardship … and to stick together”. By presenting his speech at such a nationally significant day, he brought together a country and emplored us to continue to build on our national identity of “mateship … courage … resilience … self-belief” and the need to “stick together”
Effect on audience
When Keeting delivered his speech, it would have evoked emotion in the audience and also would have been a very solemn moment for the country. As it market such a significant event, the Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier has been emblazoned as one of Australia’s most significant events in the making of our national identity. Even to this day, the speech still evokes emotion in ordinary Australians and also in persons affected by war. Although the Unknown Soldier “died for his country to keep it safe”, Australia as we know it today would be unrecognisable to him.